Trump: We should march on Washington… until I get there.

Many of us waited with baited breath for President Trump to finally acknowledge the powerful protests held throughout the nation and the world.  His response? Simply to belittle the march and accuse participants of not voting. 

What has become a common theme with Mr. Trump is his constant flip flopping of positions when the shoe is on the other foot.  When Obama won re-election in 2012, Trump was calling for a march on Washington to protest the results!

Never in our nation’s history have we had a president so completely disconnected from reality. As the press has learned, you cannot hold a mirror up to Donald Trump to show him the emperor has no clothes. Our duty must be to constantly get the word out to our fellow citizens that we can do better as a nation without Donald Trump as president and offer a clear and competent alternative to him when he inevitably seeks reelection in 2020.  That is, if he isn’t impeached first.